Meet Nora Foster and Kaitlyn Murphy!

YPT's exclusive interview with Nora Foster and Kaitlyn Murphy, YPT alumni and two of the eight female playwrights featured in GIRLS WRITE OUT! on October 19! Get to know these two artists and see their work realized onstage at Sidney Haman Hall. Free and open to the public!

Vanessa Strickland: It Matters

Afternoons with Dad One of my fondest collection of memories of the presence of art in my life was when I was in preschool.  By this age, I was already drawing with crayons on endless reams of paper, playing with stuffed animals and dolls as if they were real, and listening to all kinds of… Continue reading Vanessa Strickland: It Matters

Laurie Ascoli: It Matters

When I was in kindergarten, my teacher told my mom that she feared I wasn’t able to distinguish fantasy from reality.  I don’t think I was ever at that point, but I do know that my imagination was completely out of control and didn’t know what to do with itself at school.  At home I… Continue reading Laurie Ascoli: It Matters

Holly Taylor Petty: It Matters

Jen's Story *Student's name changed to protect privacy School can be a difficult place for students who don't learn in the same way as the majority of their peers. I saw the pain first-hand when Jen, one of my sophomore dance students walked into my classroom. She was not physically handicapped, but I could see… Continue reading Holly Taylor Petty: It Matters

Liza Harbison: It Matters

I grew up on the arts. I drew, sang, danced ballet (as much as one can at five years old), made a miniature world out of clay, played piano, and even attended theater camp. In my tween years, however, popularity was the most important art form of all. Everything my parents liked—and I grew up… Continue reading Liza Harbison: It Matters

Ian Real: It Matters

My name is Ian Real. In my life I have traveled a lot from place to place, and the last place I lived was down south in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That is where I grew a passion for acting. Now, I moved from Argentina to here in DC  in early January, and I thought that… Continue reading Ian Real: It Matters

Raina Fox: It Matters

Ever since I can remember I have loved drawing, painting, sculpting things from play-dough. Any opportunity I had to take an object and make it into something else was for me. I loved digging into my imagination and translating that jumble of images into something tangible. When I was eight years old, I took an… Continue reading Raina Fox: It Matters

Devin Ellis: It Matters

My Story A love for theater is not the usual path to a career in international conflict management - but it happened to me. Growing up in New York's Hudson Valley, I was a long way from the gruesome wars that wracked many parts of the world, but it intrigued me to understand why instability… Continue reading Devin Ellis: It Matters

Alison Beyrle: It Matters

I experienced the power of the arts at a young age. Even before I knew how to write, I would spend hours drawing and painting and making up stories in my head to go along with my pictures. I dictated these stories to my mother who dutifully transcribed them until my education caught up with… Continue reading Alison Beyrle: It Matters

Karin Fagella: It Matters

Second Grade Easter Bonnet Parade The graffiti on the wall going into the subway in Park Slope Brooklyn in 1960 was about the only kind of arts available to my then seven year old self. If there was any one in the neighborhood being supported in any kind of artistic development it was hidden so… Continue reading Karin Fagella: It Matters