April Pizza Adventures Part IV: RedRocks Pizzeria

We did it!  A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our pizza party fundraising marathon this April. We had a great time exploring local pizza joints, raising money for the New Play Festival, and sampling all kinds of pizza.

On Wednesday, April 18, RedRocks Pizzeria in Columbia Heights very generously agreed to donate 30% of their happy hour proceeds to YPT, so Wednesday evening I took a break from all the exciting preparations leading up to the New Play Festival (opening on Monday!) and headed over to RedRocks. The cozy pizza restaurant is located in a converted row house just a few blocks from the Columbia Heights metro, and it was a welcome shelter from the cold, wet Wednesday evening. I found families and young professionals alike enjoying RedRocks neopolitan-style thin crust pizzas and after-work specials.


  • $6.50 margarita pizzas during happy hour. And these pizzas weren’t small– you could easily eat your fill and still have leftovers for lunch the next day.
  • The cozy atmosphere, especially on a gray, rainy evening in the middle of the week.
  • While I did not sample the calzones this visit (also a happy hour special), I caught a glimpse, and they looked delicious – and huge!
  • Thin crust European-style pizza. Although I love all kinds of pizza, I must say this is my favorite.
  • How friendly and accommodating the staff was as people came and went from our YPT pizza party – they even extended their happy hour specials until 8pm.
  • And of course, how awesome RedRocks is for hosting our final YPT pizza party!

Overall, RedRocks is a perfect neighborhood restaurant if you’re in the Columbia Heights area and craving delicious, restaurant-style pizza in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. I’m sure I and the other members of the YPT staff will be back.

So my journey has come to an end.  While it may be awhile before I’m hungry for pizza again (maybe by the next New Play Festival), I’ve had a great time discovering local pizza joints and making new friends in the community. I’m so impressed by how generous our local businesses are, and I want to thank them all – Pete’s Apizza, Flippin’ Pizza, HomeMade Pizza Company and RedRocks Pizzeria – for supporting YPT, our New Play Festival, and our amazing students.

And of course, a big thank you to YOU, our amazing supporters, for participating in our events and following my adventures (and a special shout-out to my roommate and YPT enthusiast Ashley, who participated in three out of our four fundraisers and even brought a crowd of friends to RedRocks – with only minimal pressure from me!)

How many pizza places did you visit in April?  Share you photos, or your stories on our Facebook page – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Next up: The New Play Festival!  Now that we’ve raised all the dough (haha), join us on Monday, April 23, and Tuesday, April 24, at 7:30pm, at GALA Hispanic Theatre, to celebrate the achievements of twelve incredible young playwrights. Monday features seven hilarious, family-friendly plays written by some of our younger students, while Tuesday features five plays insightfully exploring more mature issues written by some of our older students. Join us at 7pm on both nights for a special pre-show reception with food and drink.  And I promise … no pizza.

Thank you, as always, for your support. We can’t wait to see you next week.  In the meantime, I’m off to the gym!

Development and Producing Associate

April Pizza Adventures Part II: Flippin’ Pizza

After a recent exploration of “New Haven-style” pizza at Pete’s Apizza, for YPT’s next pizza party we decided to travel further down the east coast for some authentic, New York style pizza. On April 12, Flippin’ Pizza in Dupont Circle generously hosted a “Community Builders” night for YPT, donating 50% of proceeds from YPT supporters.  So on Thursday night, I celebrated “it’s-almost-Friday” by recruiting some friends and heading over to Flippin’ Pizza – a cozy, subterranean pizza joint in the heart of Dupont Circle, bustling with families, young professionals catching up over a post-work slice and people stopping in to pick up a giant 18” pizza for dinner. As for the pizza?  People often complain that compared to New York, our city is lacking in the pizza department, but at Flippin’ Pizza I found a delicious little bit of New York, right in the middle of Washington, DC.


  • The crust!  Thin and chewy … so delicious!
  • Huge slices, for a very reasonable price (yet somehow, I still managed to eat two)
  • While I stuck with plain cheese (sometimes, you just crave the classics), Flippin’ offers both “white” and “red” specialty pizzas. One friend sampled the tomato, basil and garlic white pizza, marveling: “you can really taste the basil!”
  • Whether you’re working in Foggy Bottom, living in Woodley Park or walking over from the YPT HQ in Columbia Heights, you can’t beat the location.
  • The super-friendly staff, and homey, “local pizza joint” atmosphere.
  • And of course, how amazing Flippin’ Pizza is for hosting fundraising nights for local organizations, and pledging half of the proceeds from these events.

A big thanks to Flippin’ Pizza for hosting a very successful second YPT pizza fundraiser to benefit our New Play Festival.  In addition to Dupont Circle, they also have locations in Northern Virginia and even at Nationals Park, so I will definitely be enjoying more of their giant slices in the future.

Next up: get ready for a YPT Pizza Party marathon!

On Tuesday, April 17, 14th Street’s HomeMade Pizza Company is generously donating a portion of proceeds to YPT from every large pizza, large salad, order of breadsticks and gift card sold for the entire day (1pm – 10pm). Their menu highlights delicious, homemade-style pizza from fresh ingredients. They also have a variety of salads and desserts, in case you’re tired of pizza (if that’s even possible), and gluten-free options. Remember it’s all day – and pick-up only, at 1522 14th St, NW.  See you there!

Then on Wednesday, April 18, we’re kicking off the New Play Festival with a celebratory happy hour at RedRocks Pizzeria, just a few blocks from the Columbia Heights metro. RedRocks is generously donating 30% of happy hour proceeds to YPT, and we’re hoping to celebrate with many friends (21 and older for this one, please) as we get ready for the big event next week.  RSVP for the happy hour here!

And don’t forget – the YPT Pizza Photo contest is still on! Check out our Facebook albums from our past two pizza parties for inspiration, and share your own photos for a chance to win a prize at the New Play Festival (more pizza? a gym membership? the possibilities are endless!)

See you on Tuesday, and until then, stay hungry!

Development and Producing Associate

(and official YPT pizza critic)

April Pizza Adventures Part I: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

The pizza party has begun! On Tuesday, April 3, Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Columbia Heights generously agreed to donate 25% of their proceeds for the day from anyone who mentioned YPT. An all-day fundraiser? Perfect excuse for a staff lunch!

So on Tuesday, we headed out into the beautiful day to grab lunch at Pete’s. Now the YPT staff is not an easy group to feed.  Dietary restrictions range from vegetarian to dairy-free to no gluten. A big thumbs up to Pete’s for managing to satisfy everyone with a variety of delicious options. We sampled everything from the paninis to gluten-free crust to a good old-fashioned slice of cheese pizza.  The overwhelming consensus: everything was delicious.

Highlights from YPT’s first pizza adventure:

  • Pizza with fried eggplant. Amazingly good!
  • Vegan and gluten-free options. The YPT staff will definitely be back.
  • The huge Sorbillo (a rectangular shaped pizza turnover filled with sopressata, ricotta, mozzarella) Yum!
  • Veggie pizza.  After being decidedly anti-vegetable for most of my childhood, I have recently embraced veggie pizza. My slice of Pete’s veggie pizza, topped with broccolini, onion and tomato, did not disappoint.
  • The crust! We all agreed it was the perfect combination between crisp and chewy. How do they do it?
  • The giant Pete’s Apizza carry-out boxes.
  • Pete’s commitment to give back to the community by supporting our New Play Festival and helping bring our students’ plays to life on April 23 and 24.

Did you stop by Pete’s on Tuesday to support YPT? Share your experience on this blog or on Facebook. And don’t forget about our Pizza Photo Contest! For inspiration, check out our staff photo shoot from Pete’s. Join the contest by snapping a picture of yourself eating a pizza at one of our next fundraiser events and share it on our Facebook page. Our fans will vote for their favorite with “likes” and the winner will receive a special prize at the New Play Festival.

Up next: The pizza party continues! Join YPT at Flippin’ Pizza in Dupont Circle on Thursday, April 12 from 5-9pm. On April 12, Flippin’ Pizza is generously donating 50% of their proceeds from YPT supporters from the evening. Don’t forget to mention that you’re there to support YPT!

So until next time … stay hungry!

Development and Producing Associate

Ready, set, eat!

How much pizza can one YPT staff member eat in a month?

Let’s find out!

As YPT gets ready for the 2012 New Play Festival, we are excited to be participating in several fundraising events. Four generous local pizza restaurants will be hosting fundraisers for YPT throughout April, with a portion of proceeds from each event going to support the Festival.

Now I like pizza as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t consider it one of my major food groups. However, as a dedicated YPT staff member, I have courageously volunteered myself for the task of eating pizza at all four fundraising events. After all, it’s for a good cause.

So throughout April, follow my adventures as I eat pizza from Columbia Heights, to 14th Street, to Dupont Circle, and chronicle my experiences on this blog. Who has the best pizza?  The most unusual toppings? Can we finally settle the age-old debate: regular vs. thin crust?  How many hours on the treadmill will I have to clock in May to work off all this pizza? (hah)

And if you’re feeling inspired, take on the challenge! Attend all our events and share your experiences. Snap a picture of yourself eating pizza at one of our events, share it on our Facebook page, and our fans will vote for their favorite with “likes”. The winner will receive a special prize at the New Play Festival.

So mark your calendars now and follow our giant pizza party throughout April as we celebrate the 2012 New Play Festival and raise money to support our amazing students.

The itinerary:

Tuesday, April 3, 11am-10pm: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza
1400 Irving Street, NW (right next to the Columbia Heights metro)

On April 3, Pete’s will donate 25% of proceeds from YPT supporters for the entire day. Don’t forget to mention that you are there to support YPT!

Thursday, April 12, 5-9pm: Flippin’ Pizza
1745 Connecticut Avenue, NW (near the Dupont Circle Metro)

On April 12, Flippin’ Pizza will donate 50% of proceeds from YPT supporters from 5-9pm. Don’t forget to mention that you are there to support YPT!

Tuesday, April 17, 1-10pm: HomeMade Pizza Company
1522 14th Street, NW (a few blocks from the U Street Metro)

On April 17, HomeMade Pizza will donate a portion of all sales from pizza, salad, bread sticks and gift cards to YPT.

Wednesday, April 18, 5-8pm – RedRocks Pizzeria
1036 Park Road, NW (a few blocks from the Columbia Heights metro)

On April 18, RedRocks will donate 30% of their happy hour proceeds to YPT. This will be a fun, celebratory event and we hope to see many of you there! (Friends 21 and older, please)

The journey begins!

Development and Producing Associate