Corey Smith: It Matters

Two Memories Memory #1: I was on the Speech and Drama team in middle school and I competed with a friend in duo improv. We would walk into a competition room, be given a one sentence prompt, and have two minutes to come up with a scenario to act out together. I was so petrified… Continue reading Corey Smith: It Matters

Can Glee Save Arts Education?

James Sims of the Huffington Post thinks so! He makes a great argument for it in his recent article. Here's an excerpt. To read the full article click here. With increasing educational budget cuts sweeping the nation, arts education is often one of the first programs to get slashed. Just as Glee was airing on… Continue reading Can Glee Save Arts Education?

Interview with Katherine Latterner

Theater Educates¬†interviews a different arts educator each month, to get his or her take on our field. This month we talk to Katherine Latterner of Fillmore Arts Center. What is your current position? Katherine: I am currently Principal of the Fillmore Arts Center, a District of Columbia Public School.¬† Fillmore provides the arts education to… Continue reading Interview with Katherine Latterner