You Are an Artist

Edwin in the WorkshopYPT Student Advisory Council member Edwin Martinez was recently challenged by one of his cousins while he was trying to raise money for a new school to get YPT programming. “Are the arts really that important?” his cousin asked. Edwin decided to share with all of his cousins the importance of the artistry he sees in their diverse talents and interests. This is what he wrote to them.

Donald, you are an artist. I have seen your drawings on your wall; a pencil in your hands brings out life to a single piece of paper.

Bryan, you are an artist. The way you touch the strings on your guitar as you are singing an endearing song.

Sammy, you are an artist. The way you play the piano, it gives you control of the emotion that you want to set in the room, from “Everybody Loves Raymond” theme song to your own composition.

Jose, you are an artist. The way you throw kicks in the air ever so swiftly, but with it comes a great deal of force.

Ryan, you are an artist. The way you and your group of band mates gather together to create a symphony.

Jessica, you are an artist. The time and focus put forth in creating a glamorous design on each nail.

Osmin, you are an artist. The way you use your words and gestures to pick up women and make them think that you are their “Romeo”.

Luis, you are an artist. The tactical skills you display on a mat show no bounds.

The arts are very important. It instills confidence and originality, which is critical for kids who feel that they are worth nothing. It opens a door to a world unimaginable, a world filled with opportunities.

Edwin Martinez
YPT Alumnus & Student Advisory Council Member

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Young Playwrights' Theater teaches students to express themselves clearly and creatively through the art of playwriting.

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