The Big Project

Nana in rehearsalAmong the ranks of YPT is a small group of students you may have not heard of before. Who are we? We’re a diverse group of YPT student alumni, and we’re called the Student Advisory Council. What do we do? Well, it’s pretty simple. We meet, we discuss YPT happenings, and we talk to the Board of Directors. Sometimes we have pizza. It’s fun.

And, finally, we’ve got our Big Project. Yes, it’s that important, it deserves capital letters. In the last few months, we’ve put our heads together and we’ve come up with something cool, a fundraising campaign for a pretty great YPT cause. It involves infomercials, the Internet and hopefully, down the road, $3,000 dollars. Sound exciting yet?

With our theme being a YPT commercial of sorts, we decided to film a video to spread the word about our campaign. A few weeks, some large cue cards, a number of very low camera batteries and many, many takes and laughs later, we had our video, and now you have it too! We also have our clever donation station set up on a website called Razoo.

We’re doing all this to raise $3,000 by June 12 to help Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, a school in D.C. that has been on YPT’s waitlist for two years. With our campaign, we’ll help classrooms at Amidon-Bowen receive the beneficial and fun In-School Playwriting Program. A number of us on the Student Advisory Council are In-School Program alums, were featured in the New Play Festival, and know what an amazing experience YPT can bring to a school. Students in it who may not have even known how much fun playwriting can be til YPT came and showed them the ropes.

So, if this is something you’d want to help with, you can donate by June 12 via the handy online donator. You can watch our video and imagine it with us bursting into cheers every successful take. We’re so glad to be able to be involved in getting YPT to even more students, and we thank you for helping us.

Nana Gongadze
YPT Alumna and Student Advisory Council Member

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Young Playwrights' Theater teaches students to express themselves clearly and creatively through the art of playwriting.

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