Proudest Moment

On April 22 and 23, YPT will present twelve new student-written plays in the 2013 New Play Festival. Join us on Tuesday, April 23, as five of our older students present daring new works, including “Aubrey & Clyde” by Jhoselin Beltran.  We asked Jhoselin to write a blog post and she chose to explore the question, “What was your proudest moment in creating this play?”


Like most writers reading and writing are a passion, so when I was told that YPT was coming to my school all that ran through me were ideas. These ideas included a love story, a twisted story, and even a story about two elves. However as the weeks went by and the deadline came closer, I felt stuck in a writer’s block. This block felt so solid that it was hard for me to even put Act One, Scene One on my paper. Being in this position, I didn’t realize the teaching artist, Mr. Enrico, for my class had mentioned that the first draft only had to be a few pages. Not listening to that, I wrote ten pages in one night. It does not seem like a lot to many, but with writer’s block it’s one of the most difficult things to accomplish. Yet something that night did push me to ensure my play was sent in as ten pages.

Jhoselin receives applauses

Other than completing my ten-page madness in one night, my number one proudest moment throughout this entire writing process would be the moment I started revising it even after receiving my grade for it in English class. It’s my proudest moment because that’s where I realized, “Hey, this isn’t just a grade anymore; it’s actually my piece, my work, my idea being read by other people who actually want to read it.” It was a sense of accomplishment and pride all at the same time. Writing this play made me feel ready for a next challenge. I have probably written over 60 essays in my life, but none of them compare to the passion I have for my play.

Once I realized my play was nominated to be in the festival, I was very excited. I was even more excited when I was informed that it had been chosen as one of the finalists. I felt as if it were more of an nervous, excited, anxious, yet happy feeling that I feel every one should experience at one point. If you have a passion for writing or even have a great imagination, I suggest YPT for you because it really does push your imagination on paper to make it come alive.

Jhoselin Beltran
New Play Festival Featured Playwright

Learn more about the 2013 New Play Festival plays and playwrights on our website!

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