Stranger Story: Fearless Freshman

What is a stranger? That is the question being asked by the students of YPT’s Young Playwrights’ Workshop in their play, The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World, which will be performed on Monday, June 11 at GALA Hispanic Theatre. Workshop member Patricio Juarez explains, “Every great story begins when two people meet for the first time.” So we asked our staff to share stories of a time when they met a stranger who had an effect on them. To share a story and get it posted to our blog, email

On my first day of freshman week at college, I was understandably nervous. I was one of very few in my high school class who left the area for college, and instead of recognizing that almost everyone there was in a similar situation (my college is about 90% out-of-state students), I felt hopelessly isolated. As I sat waiting to meet with my advisor, I struck up a conversation with the student next to me. The topics discussed were not unique or revelatory, simply how our respective pasts led us to that office in that school, our fears about this new adventure, etc. Still, the conversation changed me. I saw in this young woman much of what I saw in myself, and was able to snap out of that crippling fear of the unknown, of rejection, of whatever was stopping me from breaking out of my shell. She and I promised to keep in touch and I knew I had made a good friend who would stick with me throughout the four years. Well, I thought I did.

As it turned out, freshman year was so hectic that we didn’t end up seeing each other again, and eventually too much time had passed for a comfortable reunion. Still, I returned to my dormitory that day with a spring in my step, ready to embarrass myself if I had to in my attempt to make friends and make this place my home. My instincts were right, and everyone I mustered up the courage to approach was grateful for a new friend and a reminder that we were all in the same boat. I don’t think college would have been the same without that much-needed attitude adjustment.

Liza Harbison
Communications and Graphic Design Associate

Don’t miss The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World on June 11 at 7pm at GALA Hispanic Theatre!

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