Stranger Story: A Warm Welcome

What is a stranger? That is the question being asked by the students of YPT’s Young Playwrights’ Workshop in their play, The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World, which will be performed on Monday, June 11 at GALA Hispanic Theatre. Workshop member Patricio Juarez explains, “Every great story begins when two people meet for the first time.” So we asked our staff to share stories of a time when they met a stranger who had an effect on them. To share a story and get it posted to our blog, email

In high school, I went on a trip to Spain with my classmates and we were offered the chance to take a day trip to Morocco. On the morning of the trip, I slept through my alarm. I scrambled as fast as I could, barely making it onto our tour bus. I didn’t even get a chance to brush my teeth. When we got to Morocco, all the men in the town were smiling at me. I couldn’t figure it out. They weren’t even glancing at these beautiful, blond, popular girls who were with us. Just me. One man came right up to me. He said, “Excuse me, are you from America?” I told him yes. His face broke into the widest, most genuine smile. “Welcome to Morocco.” I’ll always remember that moment. It was so surprising to meet a stranger who wanted nothing more than to welcome me to his country.

Nicole Jost
Program Manager 

Don’t miss The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World on June 11 at 7pm at GALA Hispanic Theatre!

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