Stranger Story: A Dangerous Ride

What is a stranger? That is the question being asked by the students of YPT’s Young Playwrights’ Workshop in their play, The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World, which will be performed on Monday, June 11 at GALA Hispanic Theatre. Workshop member Patricio Juarez explains, “Every great story begins when two people meet for the first time.” So we asked our staff to share stories of a time when they met a stranger who had an effect on them. To share a story and get it posted to our blog, email

I was sixteen. On that hot summer day, I decided to ride my bike seven miles to a nearby lake to visit friends and cool off. About three miles into the trip, I met the first stranger. I never saw his face or heard his name. I didn’t even hear his car until it was too late. Smack! I bounced off his fender and tumbled into the rocky ditch like a rag doll, landing on my helmet. I awoke shortly thereafter, entangled in tubes, tires, and chain. I knew what had happened, knew where I was, but couldn’t really move. Moments later, I met the next stranger. I didn’t see his face or learn his name either, but I definitely remember feeling him pick me up and walk me to a house nearby. It was a friend’s house, and I called for a ride home.

Both are still strangers. One wrecked my bike, my brain, and drove away, the other witnessed my crash and offered to help. The first stranger unknowingly introduced me to narcolepsy, a life-altering sleep disorder from which I still suffer, and the second saved me from a much worse fate. Now, I feel connected to cyclists and motorists all around me without knowing them. I make sure I’m more like the second stranger.

Peter Kopp
Administrative Assistant 

Don’t miss The Young Playwrights’ Workshop Presents: Welcome to Our World on June 11 at 7pm at GALA Hispanic Theatre!

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