April Pizza Adventures Part I: Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza

The pizza party has begun! On Tuesday, April 3, Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza in Columbia Heights generously agreed to donate 25% of their proceeds for the day from anyone who mentioned YPT. An all-day fundraiser? Perfect excuse for a staff lunch!

So on Tuesday, we headed out into the beautiful day to grab lunch at Pete’s. Now the YPT staff is not an easy group to feed.  Dietary restrictions range from vegetarian to dairy-free to no gluten. A big thumbs up to Pete’s for managing to satisfy everyone with a variety of delicious options. We sampled everything from the paninis to gluten-free crust to a good old-fashioned slice of cheese pizza.  The overwhelming consensus: everything was delicious.

Highlights from YPT’s first pizza adventure:

  • Pizza with fried eggplant. Amazingly good!
  • Vegan and gluten-free options. The YPT staff will definitely be back.
  • The huge Sorbillo (a rectangular shaped pizza turnover filled with sopressata, ricotta, mozzarella) Yum!
  • Veggie pizza.  After being decidedly anti-vegetable for most of my childhood, I have recently embraced veggie pizza. My slice of Pete’s veggie pizza, topped with broccolini, onion and tomato, did not disappoint.
  • The crust! We all agreed it was the perfect combination between crisp and chewy. How do they do it?
  • The giant Pete’s Apizza carry-out boxes.
  • Pete’s commitment to give back to the community by supporting our New Play Festival and helping bring our students’ plays to life on April 23 and 24.

Did you stop by Pete’s on Tuesday to support YPT? Share your experience on this blog or on Facebook. And don’t forget about our Pizza Photo Contest! For inspiration, check out our staff photo shoot from Pete’s. Join the contest by snapping a picture of yourself eating a pizza at one of our next fundraiser events and share it on our Facebook page. Our fans will vote for their favorite with “likes” and the winner will receive a special prize at the New Play Festival.

Up next: The pizza party continues! Join YPT at Flippin’ Pizza in Dupont Circle on Thursday, April 12 from 5-9pm. On April 12, Flippin’ Pizza is generously donating 50% of their proceeds from YPT supporters from the evening. Don’t forget to mention that you’re there to support YPT!

So until next time … stay hungry!

Development and Producing Associate

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