Ian Real: It Matters

My name is Ian Real. In my life I have traveled a lot from place to place, and the last place I lived was down south in Buenos Aires, Argentina. That is where I grew a passion for acting. Now, I moved from Argentina to here in DC  in early January, and I thought that one thing I  probably wouldn’t get to do is act . See, I am very nervous and it often takes me a long time in order to feel one with a particular group of people, and especially act in front of them. But I feel that the major thing that YPT’s Young Playwrights’ Workshop has done for me is to give me a place where I can be myself, not be afraid of failure, and act.

The first time I went to the Workshop, I was greeted. And when they asked us to pair up in groups that day, I had very little trouble finding people who wanted me in their group. It was as if they had taken me in already. When I acted that first day, I was applauded, as was everyone else.

The Workshop relaxed me and gave me confidence, as well as strengthened me as an actor through constructive criticism and acting concepts. See, acting to me isn’t just something I do for fun, or to make people happy, it’s a release. It’s a way to get out of the troubles I may face and become someone else, and that’s what Young Playwrights’ Theater gave me. They gave me a place to relax, and act my troubles, my stress and my anger away into something creative, productive and happy. They took me out of a trap door I thought I had fallen into where acting couldn’t happen, and put me in a brightly lit room where I was greeted, encouraged and happy acting.

Young Playwrights’ Theater is a place to go to if any student ever aspires to be an actor, yet from what I hear, we need help. With the government’s budget going down, funding for arts programs is one of the first things to go, and we need your help. With your money, we can make another student like me have a place they see as encouraging, relaxing and free from harmful criticism you can find elsewhere. With your money, we can make one kid less angry, less stressed and less sad about his life.

With your money, we can introduce a student into a world where they could be whatever they want to be, without scorn or harmful laughter. But we need your funding, your donations, to make this all happen.

Click here to learn more.

Watch Ian and other YPT supporters make the case for arts education.

Ian Real
YPT Student

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