Alex Perez: It Matters

Does it Matter?  Great question, but let me trump that question with…Does it matter…to me? Whoa. Just blew everyone’s mind in the room…in which there is only I, myself writing this right now.  Hmmm…It’s a small room anyway, soooo…ahem. Any-who, I was a very sick child growing up,  I missed a lot of school days and always felt I was playing the catch-up game with homework and in-class assignments when I got back to class.  It made me feel different from the others in class and not in a good way….soooo I became the class clown to win my friends over.  Boy, oh boy, did my teachers love me…NOT!  Later, a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Lewis channeled my whacky behavior towards the arts.  She introduced me to the world of theater through Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll (We did the play –“Alice in Wonderland” and guess who I was…No, close. I was the March Hare), and other wonderful writers, artists, characters and plays.  I paid real close attention in class, especially when it was time for English literature or any other subject for that matter.  I still missed school days and was still the class clown, but then, because I was now ready to learn more about great works of literature (or history, another subject matter I liked), I pushed through to catch up when I was sick so I could discuss and understand while in class. Oh, and while I still made people laugh soooo hard that sometimes during lunch milk would come out of their noses, I was respectful during class and towards the teachers ’cause I wanted to hear what they were teaching…even if it was math…which I wasn’t too bad at. So back to the profound question: Does it matter…to me?  Well, you can say people like Mrs. Lewis and others like her I met in my life inspired me to do better in school, pursue my dream of performing in front of others as an Improv /Sketch Comedian and Dramatic Actor, in both film and on stage, to teach others of this wonderful art and to make a living out of what I love to do. Guess what? It does matter…to myself and others….but mostly me…but others as well…not to diminish others’ dreams…I’m just sayin’…I’m pretty cool… because of the arts and stuff…and humble…Did I mention humble…(talking to myself) I’m awesome…Wait…Did I write that out loud? Must stop typing so I can stop making a fool of myself…Oh, no…Unplugging computer in one, two, three…..Whew! Computer is off. Now I can just relax and…Wait…It’s still typing…For the love of….. (grabbing a Hammer and smashing computer) BAD COMPUTER! BAD COMPUTER! YOU MUST BE STOPPED! HUMANS MUST BE THE MASTERS NOT COMPUTERS, NOT COMPU….End of line.

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Alex performs in the 2010 YPT Express Tour.

Alex Perez
YPT Actor

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Young Playwrights' Theater teaches students to express themselves clearly and creatively through the art of playwriting.

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