Revealing Creativity through Words


Check out this great post by young playwright Javier Reyes. Javier’s original play Internal Wounds will premiere on April 12, on the second day of the New Play Festival. Internal Wounds is a harrowing story of family and addiction. After the death of his father, Andrew turns to drugs to ease his pain. Can his mother pick up the pieces of her family? Can Andrew heal the pain he has caused? You can read more about Javier and his play on the YPT website.


I never really saw myself as a playwright. That’s until YPT showed up at my school.

YPT gave all of us the chance to reveal our creativity through our words. I decided to take my chances and my play was actually chosen! I wasn’t too excited but I was surprised my play was chosen. But at the read through I was excited to see and hear my characters brought alive. I really liked how the actors brought out my characters through themselves; they made it sound really awesome.

I’m really looking for the audience to be blown away by such a tragic story that I came up with. I can honestly say that YPT really helped me express myself through the creativity they showed me I had. I really look forward to my play being presented as well as others.

Thanks YPT! 😀

Javier Reyes
YPT Young Playwright

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