A Really Good Day

Creating, working and learning. All part of our daily lives, parts of who we are. Right now, I am working with YPT on a play I wrote, Flatworm’s Courageous Act, which will be produced by YPT and presented to the public at the
New Play Festival, on April 11, 2011, at GALA Hispanic Theatre. My experience with YPT has given me the opportunity to participate in and learn about the processes involved in producing and directing a play to get it from the paper to the stage. It started on a day that I thought couldn’t get any better. In the middle of a snowball fight, my mom gave me a call telling me that my play that I wrote last year was going to be produced and that I was going to help!  It was actually really funny for my friends because I kept jumping up and down and they didn’t know why. After that, my awesome dramaturge named Laurie helped me with thinking of ways to make my play a lot better. Then, on Saturday, February 12, we had a kickoff party with outrageously good cookies where I got to meet some of the other playwrights and learn about their plays. Last, I typed out the final draft of my play for the actors to use at the read-through that I’ll be going to soon. This has been a great experience and I can’t wait to see all of the plays onstage!

Lauren White
YPT Young Playwright
Lafayette Elementary School

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