whYPT? Let’s Ask the Students…

In the end, the answer to “whYPT?” is the students. For the last few weeks, we have been sharing the perspectives of staff and teaching artists on why YPT matters. But why do students actually take the time to imagine, write and turn in plays to their Teaching Artists during the In-School Playwriting Program? Why, after a day of school work, do they come to the Young Playwrights’ Workshop to learn acting and writing techniques as an ensemble?

“Young Playwrights’ Theater is a wonderful program where young adults can express themselves in many ways. Every Wednesday is full of new activities, new lessons and a more enjoyable time than the week before. The reason why I enjoy YPT is because it’s fun, it’s something I look forward to every Wednesday. In my opinion it should be more than just one meeting a week.”
-Reyna, 11th grade, Bell Multicultural High School

“When I decided to join YPT’s Young Playwrights’ Workshop I was looking to learn new writing techniques. In the Workshop, I learned how to make a character more interesting, practiced my English, and got feedback on my play from my teacher. By participating in YPT, I learned the power of writing. I found out that writing can be powerful because a play can inspire people, bring them joy, make them feel sadness, or learn something new. YPT to me is a door open to express yourself and be heard in our community.”
-Alfonso, YPT Alumnus

 “I first started off as a student in the In-School Playwriting Program my junior year of high school. I enjoyed the games and acting exercises that came along with the playwriting, and I decided to take it a step further and participate in the Young Playwrights’ Workshop. The acting workshops were sometimes a challenge; David wanted to stimulate our thoughts and have us thinking and writing outside our comfort zone. I enjoyed it so much that even after I graduated, I still wanted to be involved with YPT.”
Mercedes, YPT Alumna

“Normally, the prospect of writing a play can be really intimidating. But in our activities, YPT showed so much respect for our ideas; you felt that your perspective was valuable. Kids that had been unengaged in class were suddenly putting their experiences and fantasies down on paper to share. To us, this project was worth more than a grade.YPT was genuinely interested in what we as individuals wanted to write about. And because of that, I had the privilege of seeing students from all over the academic spectrum create something unique and communicative about themselves. I sincerely hope that YPT will continue to have the support it needs in order to facilitate that for future students and the support it needs to continue showing us how natural and liberating creativity can be.”
Sarah, YPT Alumna

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