From Tetris to Twitter: David on New Communication in Cyberspace

If you’re like me, quickly approaching 40 and remembering the days in college when you’d play Tetris on the little black and white screen of your Macintosh computer and “email” involved typing a whole lot of backslashes, you may be daunted by the recent onslaught of social media tools swirling through cyberspace.

Don’t get me wrong – I love Facebook and how it’s allowed us to reconnect with YPT alumni from years past.  And I’m starting to understand Twitter – though really, why do we need to know that much about that many people? And managing them all at once can get overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve started to use HootSuite at YPT to streamline these tools. But even though I’ve received a full tutorial from someone under 30, I’m having trouble using it. Maybe I don’t have the time to focus on it? Or maybe I’m just resisting one more app on my overloaded Blackberry? But maybe I’m also longing for the days when the best ways to share your latest news included 1) picking up the phone and saying it, 2) writing a note and passing it or 3) pulling somebody aside and sharing it – face to face.  And I’m wondering, as we quickly declare our thoughts to the world on everything under the sun, from coffee to candidates, how much time do we now spend pondering those thoughts, forming those opinions or considering those words?

At YPT we try to give students the time and space to think, consider, and then speak, through their characters. Later this year we’ll be launching YPText, a new initiative focused on communicating and collaborating with students and the community via text messaging.  As we explore this new type of writing, I hope we can help students find new ways to still take the time and space to think, so that they can experience those crucial moments of self-discovery, when we form our own opinions of things, our view of the world, and our view of ourselves. 

As we’re running with HootSuite, Twitter, and Facebook to give you a window into the work, please let us know what you think – and how you think we’re doing. See you in cyberspace and, hopefully, in real space, soon.

Producing Artistic Director and CEO

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